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Child Safety, Our Priority

PikApp: Revolutionizing Child Safety at School Dismissals

Join us in redefining the way we ensure the safety of our kids during school dismissals. PikApp is the ultimate solution to streamline the process, eliminate chaos, and enhance security, all in real time. Download now and prioritize your child's safety.

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Children to Pick up
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How it Works

Smarter, Safer, and More Efficient School Dismissals

Explore the intuitive technology behind PikApp that makes school dismissals smarter, safer, and simpler than ever.

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Enhanced Security

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Efficient Dismissals

Elevate your school dismissal experience to a new level of efficiency and safety, where enhanced security measures, significant time savings, and seamless, efficient communication converge, ensuring peace of mind for parents, students, and school administrators alike.

Why PikApp


Take the First Step to a Safer School Dismissal Today

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Safety First

PikApp's commitment to safety is unwavering, ensuring child's well-being.

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Real-time Tracking

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Secure Digital Handshakes

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Authorized Access Control

Efficiency Unleashed

Discover how PikApp streamlines school dismissals for a smoother experience.

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Time-Saving Features

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Instant Notifications

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Reduced Traffic Congestion

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Empowered Parents

PikApp puts control back in your hands, with real-time updates and peace of mind.

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Parent Mobile App

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Authorization Management

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Timely Pickup Alerts


Empowering the Safety of Kids, with Exceptional Features

Explore our cutting-edge features designed to revolutionize school dismissals and ensure the safety of your child with ease and confidence.

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The latest from PikApp


School Safety Concerns

What do parents say?

"Negligent Drivers Near Schools"

The road is full of drivers who do not adhere to traffic rules, especially in kindergartens and schools of all kinds, violating traffic rules, speeding, lack of caution, recklessness, and negligence. This is extremely important.

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